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Microarray Oligos Synthesis and Purification Service

In Cooperation with Biosearch Technologies
Biosearch Technologies: More than 20 Years Experience in Oligo Synthesis

Image DNA microarrays are powerful tools for genomic analysis. Their ultimate value, however, depends on the quality and sequence-accuracy of the synthetic oligonucleotides to be spotted. To guarantee this accuracy, Biosearch´s DNA Synthesis Group utilizes their own 12 x 96-well plate column-based robotic synthesizers, bar coding, positive sample tracking and a variety of standard and optional Quality Assurance techniques to exhaustively validate and document every oligo sequence.
Rest assured knowing that the sequences you submitted are exactly the ones delivered.

Biosearch Technologies: Primary Reagent Manufacturer
Complementing their DNA synthesis facility, Biosearch maintains a 25,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing facility. Their team of expert organic chemists is dedicated to manufacturing the specialty reagents and supports used in their own DNA Synthesis Group. All in-bound materials and manufacture products are exhaustively QA/QC tested against their set of rigorous quality specifications before release.

Biosearch Technologies: Exhaustive Quality Assurance
Biosearch´s in-house Chemical Manufacturing Group supplies the majority of reagents used by our DNA Synthesis Group to synthesize your oligos. Both groups generate and maintain extensive lot-to-lot and sequence-related QA/QC records. Every record is generated, retained, archived and retrieved by its unique barcode identification. Biosearch also records and maintains detailed SOPs and test results for all QA procedures including PAGE, HPLC, MALDI-TOF MS and Probe Hybridization options.

Bar Coding and Robotic Synthesis:
Upon receipt, 96-well plates of sequences are uploaded electronically to a synthesizer (eliminating human transcription errors) and assigned a unique barcode. Biosearch´s fully automated robotic synthesizers incorporate advanced control technology and use barcode labels to identify, track, document and archive results of up to 1152 unique custom oligos (12 x 96-well plates of columns) per synthesizer, per run. Automation, bar-coding and the use of the 96-well format from synthesis through delivery guarantees exceptional product quality, confirmation of oligo sequence and unparalleled synthesis to-synthesis consistency.

Oligo Purification:
Following synthesis, deprotection and cleavage, your oligos are next routed to our Purification Group. Whether your oligos are moderately purified by RPC (reverse phase cartridge) or stringently purified via HPLC, they are logged, identified, tracked and results archived for documentation using each plate´s unique barcode. By default, every oligo that leaves Biosearch is routinely purified using simple, cost-effective RPC purification to ensure >85% full length oligo purity!

Documentation and Delivery:
Upon careful successful completion of your order, our Order Processing Group verifies the order I.D., determines required shipping conditions (cold packs, dry ice, etc.), collects all pertinent documentation such as QA/QC, Certificates of Analysis, packing slips, and assembles the entire package prior to shipment.

Optional: Custom Design Assistance
Biosearch´s oligo design partners can work directly with you to ensure your designed oligos meet stringent and accepted design criteria. These include a) mapping closely to the 3´ end; b) avoidance of sequence repeats and poly A, C, G or T; c) matched melting temperatures; and d) avoidance of transcript species cross reactivity.

Whether you need hundred or hundred thousands custom oligos, unmodified, 3´, 5´ or internally modified, purified and concentration normalized, Biosearch can meet your most stringent and exacting synthesis, purification, QA/QC and documentation specifications.

Just submit the quotation form (see link below) by e-mail attachment to specify the exact options your particular application requires and receive a detailed quotation.

Oligos for synthesis can be up to 100 bases long and sequences can be simply submitted to BioCat via email.

References: As with all their products, Biosearch has satisfied customers from around the globe.
We would be pleased to supply references for your consideration, upon request.

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