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mRNA Sequencing NGS Library Preparation Kits

Directional mRNA Sample Prep Kits (NGS Sequencing)
• Simplified workflow – most components are supplied as ready-to-use master mixtures which reduces setup time and liquid handling steps
• Leading level of directionality
• Wide dynamic range – purified mRNA Input as low as 50 ng
• Automation capable protocol

• Expression of all coding RNAs
• Identification of alternative splicing events
• Detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms or mutations
• Discretion of translocations and fusion transcripts
• Discovery of allele specific expression patterns

Analysis of differential RNA expression helps us to understand biological pathways that are involved in the regulation of cell function, individual development, and disease progression. Sequencing technologies provide a powerful tool for transcriptome analysis. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has great advantages over conventional methods by tremendously reducing the sequencing cost and increasing genome coverage. Transcriptome sequencing or RNA-Seq is a novel method for gene expression analysis. Advantages of RNA-Seq include no bias toward known RNA molecules as with probe based technologies, the ability to detect novel and rare transcripts or novel alternative splice isoforms, and direct measurement of transcript abundance within biological samples. The RapidSeq kit aims to prepare directional NGS libraries for subsequent cluster generation, using purified mRNA as starting material. The protocol includes steps for mRNA fragmentation, purification, adapter ligation, reverse transcription, PCR amplification, and DNA fragment enrichment to generate strand specific library products that are compatible with illumina NGS platform.



Description Cat# Size Price    
RapidSeq Directional mRNA Sample Prep Kit - With Aligner 1-12 KS073012-I-BC 1 Kit 1165 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
RapidSeq Directional mRNA Sample Prep Kit - With Aligner 13-24 KS073012-II-BC 1 Kit 1165 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
RapidSeq Directional mRNA Sample Prep Kit - With Aligner 25-36 KS073012-III-BC 1 Kit 1165 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
RapidSeq Directional mRNA Sample Prep Kit - With Aligner 37-48 KS073012-IV-BC 1 Kit 1165 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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