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NGS Library Preparation Kits for Long-Read Single Molecule Sequencing on Illumina Platforms

Library Prep Kits for long reads from Illumina Sequencers and no extra hardware -
the core of Loop Genomics´ technology is the unique barcodes which attach to individual DNA molecules. Here’s how it works:

Attach: Every sample is exposed to millions of unique barcodes, but only one barcode attaches per strand of DNA/RNA

Amplify: Every molecule, along with its unique barcode, is amplified using PCR.

Distribute: For each molecule copy, the barcode is randomly distributed within the molecule.

Sequence: Sequence the segment next to each barcode.

Assemble: Short reads that share the same barcode are combined algorithmically into a full-length molecule using linked-read de novo assembly.


Each kit comes with all the reagents to get from extracted genomic DNA or RNA to a sequencing ready library (except magnetic purification beads, e.g. SPRI).
You upload your Illumina short read sequencing data securely on Loop´s cloud-based pipeline run on Microsoft’s Azure. Loop Genomics performs complete bioinformatic analysis at no additional cost and you receive the assembled FASTQ long read files as well as CSV files with classification and abundance data.


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