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Bisulfite (Methyl-Seq) NGS Services

• Complete conversion (>99.9%) and maximum recovery of bisulfite-converted DNA
• Minimal selection bias, allowing for a low amount of input material high yield of the constructed DNA library, and low error rates
• Streamlined process for rapid turnaround time

Genome-wide, base resolution DNA methylation analysis is now made easy using Epigentek´s comprehensive Methyl-Seq bisulfite sequencing services. Epigentek´s next-generation sequencing platforms deliver a great amount of useful DNA methylation information with publication-ready data parsed by expert bioinformatics scientists. The study of methylation at single base resolution of individual cytosines in DNA is facilitated by bisulfite treatment of DNA followed by PCR amplification, cloning, and sequencing of individual amplimers. Epigentek’s Methyl-Seq platform yields reliable information on the methylation states of individual cytosines by effectively and efficiently preparing converted DNA for use in next generation sequencing techniques.


Three different service levels are available:

Basic Methyl-Seq Bisulfite NGS Service: Detects 3-4 million unique CpG sites, covering nearly all CpG islands and gene promoters

Enhanced Methyl-Seq Bisulfite NGS Service: Detects 7-8 million unique CpG sites, covering nearly all CpG islands, gene promoters , and most genetic regulatory elements, gene bodies, and repeated DNA sequences

Complete Methyl-Seq Bisulfite NGS Service: Detects in-depth DNA methylation across the entire genome, including methylation at CpG sites and less common non-CpG sites such as CNG

Pricing depends on the number of samples and your specific requirements -
please contact us for a quotation.

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Description Cat# Size Price    
Basic Methyl-Seq Bisulfite NGS Services S-1BMS-EP NGS Profiling Data please inquire € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Enhanced Methyl-Seq Bisulfite NGS Services S-1EMS-EP NGS Profiling Data please inquire € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Complete Methyl-Seq Bisulfite NGS Services S-1CMS-EP NGS Profiling Data please inquire € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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