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DNA Library Construction Kit for Whole Genome Sequencing for Ultralow Input (includes PCR Mastermix)

Lowest input, highest efficiency, Illumina-compatible DNA fragment library prep kit
• High Quality Data: High efficiency adaptor ligation produces complex libraries that yield improved sequencing depth uniformity and better coverage with fewer zero coverage regions
• Sensitive: Construct DNA fragment libraries from as little as 50 pg to as much 75 ng of sheared/fragmented DNA
• Minimal Bias: Robust, uniform PCR amplification improves coverage uniformity when working with low input amounts of genomic DNA
• Flexible:Extensively tested in de novo whole genome sequencing or resequencing, but compatible with other applications such as exome-seq, ChIP-seq and FFPE DNA samples.
• Fast: 3 hour protocol gets your samples on the sequencer quicker
• High Value: Cost-effective library and indexing kits which produce excellent sequencing results

Single Index Library Construction

Many DNA next generation sequencing applications or sample types require the construction of PCR-amplified DNA fragment libraries. (e.g. whole genome sequencing or resequencing from limiting genomic DNA amounts or FFPE and cell-free DNA samples, exome sequencing, ChIP-seq, etc.) To get the highest quality data for these applications and sample types, you need a DNA library preparation kit with the highest efficiency adaptor ligation followed by unbiased PCR amplification to produce the most complex libraries possible. With these complex libraries, you will produce sequencing data with uniform coverage depth and minimal zero coverage regions.

The NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit and NxSeq® Single Indexing Kits allow you to build high quality DNA fragment libraries from extremely low DNA input amounts – as low as 50 pg depending on sample type and Illumina sequencer used. If you have more DNA, no problem; you can use as much as 75 ng of input DNA with this system.

To generate these high quality libraries, our partner Lucigen optimized each step of the protocol to ensure peak performance on Illumina sequencers. To help with the initial steps of DNA fragmentation, they’ve included guidance for mechanical shearing on an instrument like a Covaris LE220 and an optimized protocol for enzymatic fragmentation using dsDNA Shearase Plus from Zymo Research. Not only will you produce high quality libraries, but once you have your fragmented DNA, library prep is quick and easy - about 3 hours.

This library and single indexing kits have been optimized for whole genome sequencing (WGS) and resequencing applications for de novo sequencing or SNV/mutation or copy number variation (CNV) identification. The system can, however, be used in other NGS applications such as ChIP-seq, exome-seq, and with other sample types such as metagenomic and FFPE DNA samples which require PCR-amplified DNA fragment libraries.

Highest Efficiency Adaptor Ligation: Percentages of DNA fragments with correctly ligated adaptors measured by qPCR. Two independent sets of libraries were prepped per kit/organism (Staphylococcus aureus, Rhodobacter sphaeroides, and E. coli) according to the manufacturer’s recommended protocols using 1 ng of sheared genomic DNA. Prior to PCR amplification, adaptor ligation efficiency for each library was measured by triplicate qPCR assays using the KAPA Library Quantification Kit (Complete ROx Low, cat #KK4873) with a Lucigen-designed PCR primer set that binds to and amplifies all adaptor-ligated DNA fragments independent of the kit used. Standard P5 and P7 primers cannot be used because the Lucigen Universal Adaptor and the NEB adaptor do not contain P5 and P7 sequences prior to amplification. Efficiency data was normalized to the NxSeq UltraLow Library Kit data set (1.0) for each set of libraries and then the data libraries was averaged and plotted.
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Description Cat# Size Price    
NxSeq UltraLow Input DNA Library Preparation Kit (Illumina) 15012-1-LU 12 reactions 372 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
NxSeq Single Indexing Kit, Set A 15100-1-LU 12 x 4 rxn 288 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
NxSeq Single Indexing Kit, Set B 15200-1-LU 12 x 4 rxn 288 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
NxSeq UltraLow Input DNA Library Preparation Kit (Illumina) 15096-1-LU 96 reactions 2308 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
NxSeq HT Dual Indexing Kit 15300-1-LU 96 reactions 560 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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