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microRNA Detection by qRT-PCR

The short length of microRNAs presents a challenge in PCR design - microRNA qPCR primer sets need to be uniquely designed and optimized for detecting mature microRNA with high specificity and sensitivity at low PCR annealing temperature.

microRNA qRT-PCR Arrays from SBI
qRT-PCR Arrays employ QuantiMir technology for the conversion of microRNAs to cDNA enabling microRNA quantification by qPCR. The qPCR Array products comprise different qPCR primers for microRNA profiling in minimum amounts of RNA samples, e.g. from cancer and stem cell specimens.

Cancer microRNA qRT-PCR Array
Stem Cell microRNA qRT-PCR Array
Genome-wide Human, Mouse, and Rat microRNA qRT-PCR Arrays

For a detailed description, see product table below.

Exosomal microRNA Profiling from Serum
Expression profiling of exosomal microRNAs from serum can be performed using the SBI´s SeraMir Exosome RNA Amplification and Profiling Kit, see link below.

microRNA profiling is also offered as a custom service from SBI. Please contact us for more information.

The All-in-One™ RT-PCR Detection Kit 2.0 from GeneCopoeia includes both RT and PCR reagents. It combines PCR technology and SYBR® Green to make fast and accurate quantification of mature miRNAs.

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Description Cat# Size Price    
All-in-One miRNA qRT-PCR Detection Kit 2.0 (20 RT and 200 qPCR reactions) (Old cat # QP015) QP115-GC 20 RT and 200 qPCR reactions 482 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
All-in-One miRNA qRT-PCR Detection Kit 2.0 (60 RT and 600 qPCR reactions)(Old cat # QP016) QP116-GC 60 RT and 600 qPCR reactions 1105 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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