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Lentivirus Product Line

In comparison to traditional retroviral delivery systems, lentivectors actively integrate into genomic DNA without requiring cell replication. They are the most effective vehicles for the delivery to and expression of a genetic element in almost any mammalian cell type - including non-dividing cells and model organisms.
As with standard plasmid vectors, it is possible to introduce lentivector expression constructs in plasmid form into the cells with low-to-medium efficiency using conventional transfection protocols. However, by packaging the lentivector construct into viral particles, you can obtain highly efficient transduction - even with the most difficult to transfect cells, such as primary, stem and differentiated cells.
The expression construct transduced in target cells is integrated into genomic DNA and provides stable, long-term expression of the target gene.

Lentivector packaging and transduction.

Choose from an extended set of third generation cloning and expression lentivectors. To achieve highly efficient delivery and stable expression, the lentiviral constructs can be packaged into VSV-G pseudoviral particles. Lentivirus concentration & purification kits provide a fast method to concentrate your virus and purify with better results in less time than ultracentrifugation. Quantitation of lentivirus is an important step to ensure efficient lentivirus expression. Sensitive assays to determine the physical virus titer are offered. Cloning and packaging of lentiviral cDNA, CRISPR and RNAi expression constructs are available as custom services.

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