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Indel Detection

• Complete system to simplify your CRISPR/TALEN validation and edited clone screening
• Robust amplification for the target site PCR. No genomic DNA isolation is required
• Easy to use T7 endonuclease I assay with optimized conditions and positive control

GeneCopoeia´s IndelCheck™ CRISPR/TALEN insertion or deletion detection system consists of the Target site PCR Kit V2.0 and the T7 Endonuclease I Assay Kit, which are both also available as separate kits:

Target site PCR Kit V2.0:
PCR reagents for amplifying region flanking CRISPR/TALEN target site, prior to T7 Endonuclease I digestion

For amplification of targeted genomic regions from cell lysates without genomic DNA isolation. Now in Version 2.0, the Target Site PCR kit contains buffer, SuperHeRo™ DNA polymerase, and nucleotides together in one mix for greater convenience.

T7 Endonuclease I Assay Kit:
Cleave mismatched PCR products using T7 endonuclease I to detect indel mutations

Figure 1. CRISPR or TALEN functional validation using the IndelCheck™ system. Cells transfected with CRISPR or TALEN plasmids are harvested in bulk, followed by generation of a PCR product using primers flanking the target site with the Target site PCR kits (1). The PCR product is denatured, followed by re-annealing, leading to a population of double strand fragments, some of which contain mismatches. These mismatches are detected by the T7 endonuclease I Assay kit (2). If CRISPR or TALEN are active in the cell, then cleavage products will be visible on an agarose gel.



Description Cat# Size Price    
IndelCheck CRISPR/TALEN Indel Detection System (version 2.0), 50 rxns IC001-GC 50 rxns 282 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
IndelCheck CRISPR/TALEN Indel Detection System (version 2.0), 200 rxns IC002-GC 200 rxns 720 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Target site PCR Kit (version 2.0), 50 rxns IC003-GC 50 rxns 231 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Target site PCR kit (version 2.0), 200 rxns IC004-GC 200 rxns 569 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
T7 Endonuclease I Assay Kit, 50 rxns IC005-GC 50 rxns 168 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
T7 Endonuclease I Assay Kit, 200 rxns IC006-GC 200 rxns 380 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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