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Custom Knockout Cell Line Engineering

Custom Knock-Out Cell Lines made with Cellecta Lentiviral CRISPR Constructs
You tell us the RefSeq or other target gene identifier and the cell line of interest.
Our partner Cellecta does the rest - they can make any cell into a knockout cell using
lentiviral CRISPR vectors to stably introduce and genomically integrate an appropriate
sgRNA and Cas9 nuclease.

• Cell lines can be made from nearly any cell type, including cells that are difficult to
transfect and grow incl. primary cells

• sgRNA and Cas9 are integrated in the natural chromosomal environment creating a line
with a typical and stable responsiveness

Lentiviral expression vectors are the most effective vehicles for delivering genetic material
to almost any mammalian cell—including non-dividing cells and to model organisms. A
pseudoviral-packaged lentiviral sgRNA and Cas9 construct can be highly efficiently
transduced and integrated into virtually any mammalian cells—even the most difficult-to-
transfect primary, stem, and differentiated cells.

Please check with us if your cell line of choice is in stock at Cellecta enabling them to start
your project right away at the prices shown below.
When it is not in stock, you can either provide it to us and we will ship it to Cellecta at a
nominal shipping charge, or Cellecta can purchase it locally and we will charge you their
purchasing costs.

You can order the engineering service in a modular way:

Stable sgRNA Knockout Cell Pool Construction

Let us know your target gene and Cellecta makes several target-gene specific lentiviral
sgRNA constructs*, transduces them along with Cas9, and assesses their knockout
effectiveness by looking for general rearrangement at the target sgRNA site using PCR/gel
analysis. A cell pool of 1 x 10e6 cells is obtained.
The whole process takes about 8 weeks.

*For Cellecta´s range of lentiviral guide RNA- and Cas9- vectors which includes
constitutive and inducible options see link below.

Selection, Expansion, and Confirmation of Clonal Isolate from Cell Pool (Stable
CRISPR Knockout Cell Line)

Selected and expanded clonal lines are sequenced to confirm and identify the specific
rearrangement of the target gene. One fully characterized stable clone will be provided.
Depending on the growth rate of your cells this process takes about 5-7 weeks.
If it is not possible to make clonal knockout cell lines for your target (e.g. if any
rearrangement of the target cells kills the cells), you will receive sgRNA constructs and
cell line pools.

Clonal bi-allelic homozygous knockout cell lines can also be offered, please ask for a
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Description Cat# Size Price    
Stable CRISPR Knockout Cell Line CSCL-CR-X-GVO-CT 1 x 10^6 cells please inquire € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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