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CRISPR Cas9 AAVS1 Safe Harbor Knockin System

Targeted Transgene Insertion into the AAVS1 Locus
Adeno-associated virus integration site 1 (AAVS1) in the human genome is a safe harbor for transgene integration. It is transcriptionally active and transgene expression from this site is robust and stable. CRISPR technology is ideal for targeted transgene insertion at the AAVS1 locus.


• Targeted transgene insertion
• Robust and stable expression
• No random genetic interruption and insertational mutagenesis
• Genome-wide TrueORF collection from OriGene can serve as your source for transgenes
• Easy shuttling from TrueORF clones into AAVS1 donor vector by OriGene´s Precision Shuttle System

AAVS1 Safe Harbor Knockin System via CRISPR

This system needs two components:

1. pCas-Guide-AAVS1, All-in-one CRISPR Cas9 Vector for AAVS1 targeting

2. pAAVS1-Puro-DNR, donor vector for transgene integration, containing the AAVS1 homologous arms (Gene of interest needs to be cloned)

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Description Cat# Size Price    
pCAS-Guide-AAVS1All-in-one CRISPR Cas9 AAVS1 gRNA Vector for AAVS1 Targeting (Supercoil Plasmid DNA) GE100023-OR 10 ug 480 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
pAAVS1-Puro-DNRDonor Vector for Transgene Insertion into the AAVS1 Safe Harbor Locus (Supercoil Plasmid DNA) GE100024-OR 10 ug 790 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
AAVS1 Transgene Knockin Vector Kit (Includes GE100023-OR pCAS-Guide-AAVS, GE100024-OR pAAVS1-Puro-DNR, and GE100003-OR pCAS-Scramble Negative Control) GE100027-OR 1 set 1110 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
pAAVS1-RFP-DNRPositive Control Donor Vector for RFP Insertion via CRISPR into the AAVS1 Safe Harbor Locus (Supercoil Plasmid DNA) GE100026-OR 10 ug 390 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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