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myTags Custom FISH-probe Libraries

• Custom designed ready-to-use labeled probes
• Unlimited Quantity - Up to tens of thousands of probes per library
• Eliminate background signal from non-specific and cross-hybridization in your FISH
• Range of fluorophores for various microscopy filters
• Consistent – Probes designed with normalized Tm for single hybridization profile
• Increased Signal Intensity with triple-labeled probes
• Free bioinformatic design service for custom target regions


Break free from the limitations of
traditional FISH with high-specificity,
repeat-free myTags® probes

myTags® labeled probes from our partner Arbor Biosciences are a simple solution for producing successful hybridization to targets in FISH applications.

Due to the short size of the probes and the consistent melting temperature range, these probes are able to efficiently cross cell barriers and bind to their intended target. myTags® improve experimental results by reducing non-specific hybridization and background signal which typically occur with traditional BAC catalog probes.

Labeled myTags® probes are delivered ready-to-use at a minimum yield of 500pmol of single-stranded DNA. The probes can be single- or triple-labeled with a fluorophore of choice, and we can offer assistance in selecting compatible fluorophore combinations for multi-color FISH or other applications requiring multiple fluorophores. If a desired labeling option is not listed in our standard offering, please contact us for availability.

We offer free assistance in designing probes or self-designed probes can be incorporated into the myTags® labeling system. myTags® FISH probes have been successfully used in specialized applications including 3D DNA-FISH, Cryo-FISH, and RNA-FISH in a variety of cell types.


Identification of potato
chromosomes using oligo-
based FISH barcode.
Photo courtesy of Guilherme
Braz and Jiming Jiang

For those who want to be more flexible in the choice of fluorophores or haptens and generate high-quality labeled probes themselves Arbor Biosciences offers myTags® Immortal Libraries which are amplifiable for endless probe supply.


• Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH)
• Flow cytometry
• Fluorescent reporters
• Microarray signal enhancement

Labeling Options


Choose from our standard offering of popular fluorophores and haptens, including biotin and digoxigenin. Probes can be single-labeled or triple-labeled with fluorophores to boost signal. Contact us regarding any label you would like that is not included in our standard offering.

Design Process


Beck, S. et al. (2018) Implications of CpG islands on chromosomal architectures and modes of global gene regulation. Nucleic Acids Research:46: 4382–4391.
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Giorgetti et al. (2016) Structural organization of the inactive X chromosome in the mouse. Nature 535: 575–579.

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myTags® Product Information Sheet



Description Cat# Size Price    
myTags labeled probes for a 2.0 Mb maximum target area (10 probes per kb), 700 pmol 402007-ARB 1 library 2318 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
myTags labeled probes for a 4.0 Mb maximum target area (10 probes per kb), 700 pmol 404007-ARB 1 library 2936 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
myTags labeled probes for a 6.0 Mb maximum target area (10 probes per kb), 700 pmol 406007-ARB 1 library 3698 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
myTags labeled probes for a 8.0 Mb maximum target area (10 probes per kb), 700 pmol 408007-ARB 1 library 4275 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Triple-label Upgrade 400305-ARB 1 upgrade 474 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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