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Cell Spreading Beads

More uniform spreading and more colonies
• Sterile plating in just seconds

• No need for glass rods and potentially hazardous ethanol flaming

• Two choices of ready-to-use sterile packaging: dispenser bottle for spreading 100 plates or single-use tubes for 50 platings

• Fastest and easiest way to spread cells on multiple plates simultaneously

EZ-Spread™ Plating Beads allow you to easily and safely spread bacterial and yeast cells across the surface of an agar plate. You can get more uniform spreading and higher colony counts compared to traditional glass rod method.


EZ-Spread™ Plating Beads are designed to spread 50-400 µl of bacterial or yeast cells onto an agar plate. They provide a faster, easier, and more efficient alternative to the traditional method of using a bent glass rod. The EZ-Spread™ glass beads have been manufactured using a special mold to give consistent shape and diameter that yield optimal plating efficiencies, often several times higher than the traditional method.

Contents: EZ-Spread™ Plating Beads Dispenser Bottle (Cat. No. C400100-GL): Sufficient beads for approximately 100 standard 100 mm agar plates.

Contents: EZ-Spread™ Plating Beads Single-Use Tubes (Cat. No. C400050-GL): 50 individual platings

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Video: The Use of EZ-Spread Plating Beads

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Description Cat# Size Price    
EZ-Spread Plating Beads (Dispenser Bottle) C400100-GL 100 platings 181 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
EZ-Spread Plating Beads (SingleTubes) C400050-GL 50 platings 213 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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