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Lentiviral Vectors

A comprehensive set of cloning and expression lentivectors for efficient delivery of expression constructs in mammalian systems is provided. To achieve highly efficient delivery and stable expression, the lentiviral constructs can be packaged in VSV-G pseudoviral particles and transduced into a wide range of cell lines or to model organisms (mouse, rat, etc.). In comparison to traditional retroviral delivery systems, lentivectors actively integrate into genomic DNA without requiring cell replication.

Lentivirus Expression Vectors

Lentiviral cDNA expression vectors allow for the stable expression of any cDNA in a wide range of mammalian cells. Select your vector of choice from a large number of third-generation lentiviral expression constructs developed by SBI, Cell Biolabs and Cellecta featuring different promoter, reporter and selection marker options.

  • Constitutive promotors (CMV, MSCV, EF1, PGK, UbC)
  • Single, double and bidirectional promoters
  • GFP, RFP, Puro, Neo or Hygro options
  • HIV- or FIV-based

Lentivirus Expression Vectors (SBI)
Lentivirus Expression Vectors (Cell Biolabs)
Lentivirus Expression Vectors (Cellecta)

Lentivirus Inducible Expression Vectors

The lentiviral Cumate Switch Inducible System delivers extremely tight control, robust induction and a highly titratable expression switch for inducible gene and microRNA expression studies in mammalian cells.

  • Zero background leakiness
  • Robust induction
  • Dynamic titratability
  • Turn on->off->on again

AAV/Adenoviral Expression Vectors

Adenoviruses can infect a variety of mammalian cell types with high efficiency. They remain epichromosomal upon infection, so they are only suitable for transient expression. Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) integrates into the host cell genome at a very specific site in one human chromosome. Random insertions are very rare, making it less immunogenic than adenovirus or retrovirus. Recombinant AAV vectors (rAAV) have been widely used for gene therapy and genome editing, mainly because of their broad tropism, the lack of disease associated with wild-type virus, ability to transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells, and long term transgene expression.

Adeno Associated Expression Vectors

The use of AAV for gene expression can be advantageous when immunogenicity is a concern. A variety of complete AAV expression systems, packaging systems and expression vectors for AAV serotypes 1 through 6 and the unique AAV-DJ and AAV-DJ/8 is provided.

Adenovirus Expression Vectors

Recombinant adenoviruses have become a popular method for protein expression because the rate of infection and the subsequent yield of recombinant protein are typically quite high.

DNA and RNA Purification


Use ISOLATE II Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits for the purification of high-quality DNA and RNA.

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Clone Resources

BioCat Clone Resources

Browse two of the most renowned clone resources of full-length cDNA, ORF, and shRNA clones as well as siRNA and yeast knockout strains.

Genome Engineering

Genome Engineering

Use the CRISPR/Cas9 SmartNuclease System to edit the genome.

ExoQuick and ExoQuick-TC

ExoQuick Exosome Isolation

Benefit from the most cited exosome isolation reagent for efficient exosome isolation and exosomal RNA purification from biofluids or culture media.

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