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Sample Preparation

Rapid and efficient preparation of DNA, proteins, and chromatin is vital in performing downstream analyses. Sample preparation products developed by Epigentek place particular emphasis on the following features: (a) rapid isolation of high quality, ready-to-use DNA, protein, or chromatin samples; (b) efficient yield from trace samples; (c) high flexibility in starting materials; (d) compatibility with various downstream assays or analysis techniques; and (e) specific optimization for use with Epigentek's assay products.

DNA Preparation

DNA samples can be prepared from cells, tissues, and body fluids, and are the most commonly used starting material for the majority of DNA methylation applications and assays. Efficient, precise, and high quality isolation of DNA is a critical precursor to having a successful DNA-based experiment.


Protein Preparation

Excellent protein preparation and purification protocols are vital in preparing high quality starting materials for the characterization of the function, structure, and interactions of proteins of interest. Both nuclear and histone proteins can be used for a variety of downstream studies, including enzymatic analysis and histone analysis.


Chromatin Preparation

Chromatin is a combination of DNA and proteins that packages DNA into a smaller volume to fit in the cell, helps to prevent DNA damage, and controls gene expression and DNA replication. Proper isolation of chromatin samples is an important factor in assays for studying protein-DNA interactions.


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