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Diabetes & Obesity

In effort to facilitate obesity research, specific antibodies, antigens, and research kits for a variety of applications have been developed. For qualitative analysis, we offer sandwich ELISA-based arrays (membrane or glass). For quantitative purposes, ELISA kits for individual adipokines as well as quantibody arrays for detecting multiple adipokines in one experiment are provided. Assays for the quantification of cholesterol, fatty acids, and saccharides, and for measuring the activity of CETP and PLPT complement the portfolio.

Human HMW & Total Adiponectin ELISA and Mouse HMW & Total Adiponectin ELISA for the quantification of total and HMW adiponectin

Rodent Chemiluminescent Insulin ELISA for sensitive insulin quantification with a wide dynamic range

Human, Mouse and Rat Insulin ELISAs are available in a standard, an ultra-sensitive and a high-range format

Human and Mouse C-Peptide ELISAs for the quantitative determination of C-peptide

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