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Lucigen Competent Cells

Norgen RNA Purification

Best performance, value, and convenience in competent cells for cloning and expression.

Gibson Assembly Cloning

NEW! Gibson Assembly Cloning allows for insertion of DNA fragments into virtually any vector without the need for compatible restriction sites. Join any two fragments to generate seamless constructs in your desired vector.

Full-length cDNA Clones and ORF Clones

Extensive clone collections from our partners GeneCopoeia, OriGene and transOMIC, three of the most renowned resources of premade full-length cDNA, ORF and shRNA Clones, are offered. They comprise the full Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) plus many hard-to-obtain clones found nowhere else, e.g. certain transcript variants, difficult-to-clone genes, and many others. Use our dedicated cDNA Clone Search to easily find the optimal clone for your gene of interest.
If you need support with the selection of your cDNA clones, just use our Clone Request Tool. This service is free.

PRECISOR High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase PLUS

PRECISOR High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase PLUS generates amplicons with the highest accuracy and speed, even from your most difficult templates.

Cold Fusion Cloning Technology

The Cold Fusion Cloning Kit allows you to directly clone any PCR product(s) to any linearized expression vector, at any site. It is an efficient and rapid one tube reaction, incubation at room temperature for 5 minutes is followed by 10 minutes on ice, resulting in a >95% positive cloning rate.

Cloning without Restriction Sites

Red/ET recombination is a powerful tool for DNA subcloning, e.g. from BACs, and DNA modification, overcoming the limitations of conventional methods with respect to fragment size and restriction sites.

E. coli expressioneering technology allows for the seamless cloning of PCR-amplified DNA into specially designed expression vectors without the need for enzymes or purification steps.

PiggyBac Transposon System

The PiggyBac Transposon System enables genes of interest with no size limit (10-100kb) to be easily mobilized into target genomes. The integration is reversible as the transposon can be removed from the genome, footprint-free.

Enhanced Episomal Vectors (EEV) Technology

The EEV technology is based on the Epstein-Barr Nuclear Antigen-1 (oriP-EBNA1) and avoids the random integration and mutagenesis challenges of viral transduction systems. EEV vectors replicate in synchrony with the host genome with each cell cycle division for sustained, nonviral and non-integrating transgene expression in vitro and in vivo. EEV cloning and expression vectors as well as reporter vectors all in constitutive and cumate-inducible formats are offered.

Cloning Kits & Competent Cells

CloneSmart Cloning Kits are designed for general purpose cloning, for shotgun, cDNA and BAC library construction, for cloning A/T rich genomes and sequences, or for cloning problematic genomes and toxic genes.

High-efficiency competent cells for different purposes including expression of toxic proteins are also offered.

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DNA Methylation Kits

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