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Clone Request Form

Looking for full length cDNA clones or shRNA clones specific for your target gene(s)?
Let us do the search for you!
Just complete the form below to receive a list of clones available for your gene(s) of interest. This service is free!

Gene Symbol
Identifier Gene ID
RefSeq Accession
Genbank Accession
Construct Type Full Length cDNA Clone
ORF Clone
gRNA Construct
shRNA Clone
Yeast Knockout

How to Request Clones

Fill in the Clone Request Form and hit Save Clone to add your request to the clone list.

To add more clones, please hit Add Another Clone and repeat the first step. Alternatively, hit Send Clone Request, fill in your contact details and submit your request.

After receiving your clone request, we will carry out a comprehensive clone search and inform you about the results by e-mail or phone.






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