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Catalase Assay

Catalase is a ubiquitous enzyme that destroys hydrogen peroxides formed during oxidative stress. Hydrogen peroxide is a ROS that is a toxic product of normal aerobic metabolism and pathogenic ROS production involving oxidase and superoxide dismutase reactions. Hydrogen peroxide is poisonous to eukaryotic cells and in high doses can initiate oxidation of DNA, lipids, and proteins, which can lead to mutagenesis and cell death.
Eukaryotic catalases are heme enzymes found in the liver, kidney, and erythrocytes in high concentrations while the lowest concentrations are in the connective tissues. The enzyme is concentrated in the peroxisome subcellular organelles.

Catalase Activity Assay Kits are offered for measuring catalase activity in a variety of samples including blood, cells and tissues.



Description Cat# Size Price    
Catalase Assay Kit K773-100-BV 100 assays 431 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
OxiSelect Catalase Activity Assay Kit STA-341-CB 96 assays 631 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
OxiSelect Catalase Activity Assay Kit, Fluorometric STA-339-CB 500 assays 692 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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