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Fluorescent Nanosight NTA Analysis of Exosomes

Detect only extracellular vesicles with NanoSight

• Specifically label EVs for fluorescent NanoSight NTA quantitation
• Proprietary dye for high signal-to-noise ratio
• Compatible with common EV isolation methods including ExoQuick™, ultracentrifugation, and column-based methods

Making a great exosome research tool even better, SBI has developed ExoGlow-NTA Labeling Kit (for Malvern NanoSight) and a new version compatible with Particle Metrix’s ZetaView® instrument. A proprietary dye enables fluorescent NTA analysis of only the extracellular vesicles present in a heterogenous sample. The result is more accurate EV NTA data that excludes protein aggregates, membrane fractions, and other background particles to provide EV-specific particle size and concentration.
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Description Cat# Size Price    
ExoGlow-NTA Fluorescent Labeling Kit (for Malvern NanoSight) EXONTA200A-1-SBI 10 reactions 488 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
ExoGlow-NTA Fluorescent Labeling Kit (for Particle Metrix ZetaView) EXONTA110A-1-SBI 10 reactions 488 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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