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Exosome Transfection

Putting exosomes to work: Load your cargo directly into isolated exosomes

With Exo-Fect, you can turn isolated exosomes into cargo delivery vehicles that introduce RNAs, DNAs (including plasmids), and even small molecules into recipient cells. Simply combine isolated exosomes with Exo-Fect and your desired cargo, and in less than an hour your loaded exosomes will be ready to add to recipient cells.
Exo-Fect turns your exosomes into cargo delivery vehicles

• Easy-to-use with a fast and straightforward loading protocol
• Introduces a wide range of biomolecules directly into isolated exosomes:
>> RNAs, including and mRNAs
>> Separate optimized Exo-Fect version especially for siRNA and miRNA
>> DNAs, including plasmids
>> Metabolites and other small molecules
• Non-viral transduction and stable cell line creation
• Alternative gene delivery method for hard-to-transfect cells


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Description Cat# Size Price    
Exo-Fect siRNA/miRNA Transfection Kit EXFT200A-1-SBI 20 reactions 480 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Exo-Fect Exosome Transfection Kit EXFT10A-1-SBI 10 reactions 354 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Exo-Fect Exosome Transfection Kit EXFT20A-1-SBI 20 reactions 544 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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