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Exosome Nanosight Service

• NTA-based exosome Characterization Service to evaluate the quality of exosomes
• No need to invest in your own NTA instrument
• Fast and reliable results in 3 weeks
• Send biofluids or prepared exosomes
• Choose from conventional or fluorescent nanoparticle analysis (NTA)
• Get back a report with particle analysis data

SBI has been working with exosomes for years, and can reliably and reproducibly isolate exosomes from almost any biofluid—from plasma and tissue culture media to CSF, synovial fluid, and even mouse bronchial alveolar fluid (a challenging sample where exosomes are concerned!). Isolated exosomes can be send as well. SBI is the only company that can provide fluorescent NTA using the proprietary ExoGlow™-NTA reagents.

The nanoparticle tracking analysis will be performed by SBI. Each sample will be gently vortexed at 2.5k for 10 sec and then bath sonicated for 10 min at 33°C to ensure adequate exosome dispersion in the solution. NanoSight measurements are carried out in 0.02 um filtered PBS to remove any background and then visualized on an LM10 NanoSight instrument. SBI provides the particle analysis data, measured in triplicate in reports that show the mean, mode diameter size of the exosomes as well as concentration of the exosomes. Each sample is visualized independently and a video recorded of the data collection. This data video is also supplied as a .wmv file included in the service.

Choose between Conventional and Fluorescent NTA
NTA measurements are used that rely on light scattering to extract particle size and the number of particles in a sample (Figure 1A). Briefly, a laser is directed at the sample and the particles in the sample scatter the light, which is imaged by a camera attached to a microscope and operating at 30 frames per second. The NTA software collects data on multiple particles simultaneously, and calculates the hydrodynamic diameter of each particle using the Stokes-Einstein equation.

A. Conventional NTA

All particles are unlabeled and equally visible to NTA

B. Fluorescent NTA

Only ExoGlow-NTA-labelled particles are visible to NTA

Figure 1. The ExoGlow-NTA dye only binds to membranes of intact EVs. Unlike conventional NTA (A), which collects data on all particles in a solution based on light scattering, the fluorescence mode of the NTA instrument selectively detects only the fluorescently-labeled particles—in this case, the ExoGlow-NTA-labeled EVs (B)—and only the data from fluorescently-labeled particles is reported.

SBI´s Fluorescent NTA utilizes a proprietary dye that enables data collection for only the extracellular vesicles present in a heterogenous sample. Compared to conventional NTA the result is more accurate EV/exosomal NanoSight data that ignores protein aggregates, membrane fractions, and other background particles to provide EV-specific particle size and concentration. Traditional NTA data is included in this service as well.

Supporting Data

Figure 2. ExoGlow-NTA-labeled liposomes deliver consistent NTA data whether in light scattering or fluorescent mode. The high concordance of NTA and fluorescent NTA data collected from the ExoGlow-NTA Kit internal standards (ExoGlow-NTA-labeled synthetic liposomes) demonstrates the labeling efficiency of the ExoGlow-NTA Dye and accuracy of the fluorescent NTA method for characterizing EVs.



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Exosome Characterization by Fluorescent NanoSight Particle Analysis Service CSNANO200A-1-SBI Nanosight Data and Analysis please inquire € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Exosome Characterization by NanoSight Service (NTA Service, Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Service) CSNANO100A-1-SBI Nanosight Data and Analysis please inquire € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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