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Exosome Antibody Arrays

Efficient Exosome Detection with Improved Antibody Arrays

Sensitive-requires as little as 50 µg of exosomal protein for detection
Convenient-includes eight antibodies for known exosome markers
Semi-quantitative-can be used to evaluate relative abundance of certain exosome markers from a given set of samples
Flexible-compatible with most exosome isolation methods, include the ExoQuick® family of reagents and ultracentrifugation
Complete-includes a control for cellular contamination, a background control (blank spot), and a positive control derived from human serum exosomes

SBI´s semi-quantitative Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Arrays provide you with a robust system to check for expression of well-known exosomal markers. Each array has 12 pre-printed spots and features 8 antibodies for known exosome markers (CD63, CD81, ALIX, FLOT1, ICAM1, EpCam, ANXA5 and TSG101), a GM130 cis-Golgi marker to monitor any cellular contamination in your exosome isolations, a positive control spot derived from human serum exosomes, and a blank spot as a background control. The kits come complete with a secondary detection mixture conjugated to HRP.

Exo-Check Exosome Array Antibodies

Exosome proteins that can be detected on the array:



To correctly orient the array, place the notched corner in the upper left-hand position

New: Detection of Exosome derived from neurons

Sensitive-use as little as 10 µg of input protein for profiling general EV and neuronal-associated markers
Intuitive-provided in a simple, easy-to-use membrane-based dot-blot array format
Scalable-profile up to 11 targets and 3 controls without the hassle of western blotting
Compatible-suitable for EVs isolated using column-based/SEC methods, ultracentrifugation, and precipitation, as well as immuno-affinity captured EVs
Evidence-based-targets are carefully chosen from the literature and have been shown to be associated with EVs

Neuronal-associated EVs, and their protein cargoes, are thought to play a role in the biogenesis of various neuronal disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and as such, are an active area of research for many researchers looking for potential circulating biomarkers. Having a sensitive dot-based format containing both general exosomal markers and neuronal-associated markers makes it easy to screen your EV isolates for relative expression of these markers.

Available as a comprehensive standard array with 11 targets and 3 controls (Tables 1 and 3), as well as a sample-saving mini array, with 5 targets and 3 controls (Tables 2 and 3), the Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array (Neuro) enables sensitive detection of both exosome-specific and neuron-specific markers in a single experiment. Use as little as 10 µg of total protein from EV-containing lysates and efficiently get the answers you need.

A Guide to Exo-Check Exosome Array (Neuro) Antibodies

Table 1: Target Proteins Standard Kit

Table 2: Target Proteins Mini Kit

Table 3: Assignement of Target Proteins

To correctly orient the array, place the notched corner in the upper left-hand position

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Description Cat# Size Price    
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array EXORAY200B-4-SBI 4 arrays 559 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array EXORAY210B-8-SBI 8 arrays 983 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array (Neuro) Mini EXORAY510A-4-SBI 4 arrays 510 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array (Neuro) Mini EXORAY510A-8-SBI 8 arrays 834 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array (Neuro) Standard EXORAY500A-4-SBI 4 arrays 704 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array (Neuro) Standard EXORAY500A-8-SBI 8 arrays 1194 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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