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Wound Healing Assays

• Measure cell migration, cell proliferation and wound closure
• More consistent compared to homemade scratch assays
• Inert inserts leave no residues that could impede proliferation or migration
of cells

Wounded tissue initiates a complex and structured series of events in order to repair the damaged region. These events may include increased vascularization by angiogenic factors, an increase in cell proliferation and extracellular matrix deposition, and infiltration by inflammatory immune cells as part of the process to destroy necrotic tissue. The wound healing process begins as cells polarize toward the wound, initiate protrusion, migrate and close the wound area.
Traditionally scratch assays have been used to study cell migration, cell proliferation and wound healing. However, these assays lack a consistently defined wound gap and can result in high inter-sample variation.

The CytoSelect 24-Well Wound Healing Assay provides a much more consistent method to measure cell migration across a wound field gap in vitro. Proprietary inserts generate a consistent wound gap between the cells. Cells are cultured until they form a monolayer around the insert. The insert is removed, leaving a precise 0.9 mm open “wound field” between the cells. Cells can be treated and monitored at this point for migration and proliferation into the wound field. Progression of these events can be measured by imaging samples fixed at specific time points or time-lapse microscopy.

Principle of the CytoSelect 24-Well Wound Healing Assay

Percent closure of MEF/STO cells.
STO cells were tested using the CytoSelect 24-Well Wound Healing Assay. Cells were cultured 24 hours until a monolayer formed, at which time the inserts were removed to begin the assay. Cells were monitored under DAPI labeling and cell staining for determining percent closure.
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