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Cell Compartment Tracing using Lentiviral Fluorescent Protein Reporter Vectors

Cyto-Tracers™: Live-cell tracing for dynamic in vitro and in vivo studies of subcellular activities
Accurately mark organelles and follow their dynamics with GFP/RFP-fusion tracer proteins expressed from integrated lentivectors

• Stable lentivector-based system for cell tracing
• Ideal for co-localization studies with other proteins
• Monitor protein trafficking in real-time
• Constructs for organelles, vesicles and compartments
• Bright and photostable GFP or RFP is non-disruptive to cells

Molecular trafficking is a dynamic process in eukaryotic cells. The Cyto-Tracers™ provide the ability to light up cell compartments for monitoring movement and localization of organelles and tracing endocytosis and exocytosis.
Our partner SBI has created a line of lentivector-based Cyto-Tracers™ that utilize GFP- or RFP-fusion proteins to mark cellular compartments, organelles, vesicles and structures to enable long-term and in-depth experimentation. The Cyto-Tracers can be used in transfections as well as packaged into virus to create stable GFP/RFP tracer cell lines in primary cells, tumor cell lines and stem cells.


MSCV or CMV Promoter
To ensure the expression of these constructs in a variety of cell types, constructs are available with two extensively tested promoters:
The Murine Stem Cell Virus promoter (MSCV) is useful for stem cells and hematopoietic cell types.
The Cytomegalovirus promoter (CMV)-driven constructs can be used for other, easier to infect cell types.


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