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3-Dimensional Cell Culture

Three-Dimensional Cell Culture
Research over the past 10-15 years has shown that cells cultured in vitro in three dimensional (3D) systems resemble the physiology of their counterparts in vivo much better than cells cultured conventionally on flat surfaces of tissue culture plates. This is reflected in differential gene expression and a difference in cell behaviour and differentiation. As a consequence, 3D cell culture is often the better choice for investigating cell function.

Our Partner Cellendes is a life science company offering comprehensive solutions for controlled design of cell environments in 3-D cell culture. A toolbox of reagents provides flexibility in composing biomimetic hydrogels right at the users bench. Areas of application include basic research, drug development and biomedical engineering.

De novo epithelial lumen formation by mammary epithelial cells in 3-D Life Hydrogel:
Mammary epithelial cells (MCF10A) grown for 14 days in 3-D Life Dextran-PEG gel modified with RGD Peptide form epithelia enclosing a lumen (left panel). Lumen formation is impaired when a shRNA specific for the actin nucleator formin-like 2 (FMNL2) is expressed (right panel). Green: F-actin staining. Red: red fluorescent protein indicating activated shRNA transcription. For more information see Grikscheit K, Frank T, Wang Y, Grosse R. (2015). J. Cell Biol. 209:367-76. Figure courtesy of Dr. Katharina Grikscheit, University of Marburg, Germany.

"3-D Life hydrogels were especially suited for long term epithelial cultures with an easy to optimize system and high yield of spheroid formation.", Dr. Katharina Grikscheit, University of Marburg.

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