Yeast Knockout Collections

Yeast Knockout (YKO) Collections

Homozygous | Heterozygous | MAT-a or MAT-alpha Haploid | Essential 

The following collections are available as individual strains, custom rearrays and pooled screening libraries

  • Yeast Homozygous Diploid Collection - Genome-wide screening under various conditions
  • Yeast Heterozygous Diploid Collection - Screening for haploid sufficient genetic interactions
  • Yeast MAT-a or MAT-alpha Haploid Collections - Cross to other strains expanding options for screening assays
  • Yeast Essential Collection - Targeting genes essential for growth on rich media

Download the full list of genes for all five collections here

Gene Deletion and Barcodes

A PCR-based gene deletion strategy was used to generate deletions of each ORF in the yeast genome. The targeted gene was replaced with a KanMX cassette and tagged with one or two unique 20mer barcode sequences. This allows the yeast in these collections to be selected on G418. PCR priming sites (U1/U2 or D1/D2) flank the barcodes. These are common to every strain and are used for barcode amplification for genome-wide pooled screening.


Yko Orf Deletions