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Yeast Genome Screening

In 1996 S. cerevisiae became the first eukaryotic genome to be fully-sequenced, enabling the creation of the first molecular-barcoded, genome-wide yeast knockout collection (1, 2).  The collection includes over 20,000 deletion strains corresponding to 5,916 genes (including 1,159 essential genes).  
Each strain has a complete start-codon to stop-codon deletion of an open reading frame (ORF) that is flanked by two molecular barcodes.  This collection has been used successfully in a number of screens and has been cited over 780 times.

  • Molecular barcodes allow high-throughput parallel screening of entire genome
  • Complete deletions that ensure no residual gene function
  • Homozygous and heterozygous formats ready for screening
  • Haploid collections can be crossed to cell-based assay strains to expand screening options


The following Yeast Knockout Collections are available as individual strains, custom rearrays and pooled screening libraries.

  • Yeast Homozygous Diploid Collection - Genome-wide screening under various conditions
  • Yeast Heterozygous Diploid Collection - Screening for haploid sufficient genetic interaction
  • Yeast MAT-a or MAT-alpha Haploid Collections - Cross to other strains expanding options for screening assays
  • Yeast Essential Collection - Targeting genes essential for growth on rich media