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RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor

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RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor is a recombinant protein which completely inhibits a broad spectrum of eukaryotic RNases, including RNases A, B and C.

  • Efficient – effectively inhibits a broad spectrum of eukaryotic RNases, including RNases A, B and C
  • High-quality - certified free of contaminating DNases, RNases, phosphatases and nickases for improved sample security
  • Robust – active up to 55 oC across a wide range of DTT concentrations and pH
  • Flexible – compatible with all common reverse transcriptases, bacterial polymerases and thermostable polymerases

Product Description

Ribonucleases (RNases) are ubiquitous and can be introduced into experiments in many ways: for example co-purification during RNA isolation, carryover from bare hands and pipette tips. This RNase contamination can often go unnoticed. RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor is ideal for RNA-sensitive applications such as RT-qPCR as even a small amount of RNase can be detrimental to the final experimental outcome.

RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor is a highly efficient inhibitor of a broad spectrum of eukaryotic RNases and shows no inhibition of polymerase or reverse transcriptase activity, so can be used in cDNA synthesis or one-step RT-qPCR reactions.

RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor is tested for, purity (run on SDS-PAGE gel), presence and absence of endonucleases, nickases and exonucleases, thermostability, inhibition at different pH levels and activity in the presence or absence of DTT. This quality control allows RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor to be used in highly-sensitive techniques such as single-cell RT-PCR, in vitro RNA synthesis and in vitro translation.


  • RNA purification
  • cDNA synthesis
  • One-step RT-PCR
  • One-step RT-qPCR
  • In vitro transcription/translation
  • RNA Sequencing
  • RNase protection assays
  • Enzymatic RNA labeling reaction

Performance Data

Performance Data

A highly effective, broad-spectrum eukaryotic RNase inhibitor

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