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HyperLadder™ Molecular Weight Markers

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HyperLadder DNA Markers

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HyperLadder, Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

Bioline offers a wide range of molecular weight markers with loading buffer in a single tube, enabling accurate DNA sizing and mass determination of DNA. Each ladder includes one, two or three higher-intensity reference bands for easy identification and orientation. The ready-to-use format minimizes the time spent thawing, diluting and adding tracking dye to the DNA Ladder. Simply transfer the HyperLadder from the vial to the gel. An additional 5x Sample Loading Buffer is supplied for your convenience. EasyLadder I incorporates all the features of our HyperLadder range, but is designed for short runs (1 to 3 cm) in standard or high-throughput agarose gels, providing a fast way to determine the size of DNA fragments.

  • Ready to load
  • Highly accurate size determination
  • High intensity bands for easy gel orientation
  • Room temperature stable
  • Supplied with loading buffer
  • Enables optional mass determination