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Dear Researcher,

When using phage display screening for identifying high-affinity protein ligands, transformation efficiency matters. To increase library diversity, apply high efficiency competent cells like TG1, SS320 and ER2738 electrocompetent phage display cells from our partner Lucigen. We provide the highest efficiency TG1 and SS320 cells available, at > 4 x10^10 cfu/ug.

High efficiency cells = bigger libraries = better phage display screens!

Electrocompetent Phage Display Cells

  • Highest efficiency electrocompetent cells
  • Increased number of recombinants
  • Ideal for phage display library screening

NEW! Electrocompetent Phage Display Cells are now also offered in a larger pack size to save cost: 120 transformations (60 x 50 ul)

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