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Lentivector constructs actively integrate into genomic DNA without requiring cell replication. They are the most effective vehicles for the delivery to and expression of a genetic element in almost any mammalian cell type - including non-dividing cells and model organisms. Choose from a wide variety of lentiviral vectors, packaging systems, titer kits and other tools facilitating lentiviral transduction experiments.

Lentiviral Systems Winter Special

  • Reagents for lentivirus production and transduction
  • Endura competent E. coli cells for propagating lentiviral constructs
  • PEG-it solution for freezing pseudoviral particles without titer loss
  • Lentiviral Cas9 nuclease and nickase expression vectors

Also visit our full product line overview: Lentivirus Product Line

*This special offer expires March 31, 2015

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