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For profiling the extensive cross talk between cytokines involved in processes like the immune response, apoptosis, angiogenesis, inflammation or migration, our partner RayBiotech has developed multiplex antibody arrays and ELISA kits allowing broad and precise characterization of cytokine activity.


Profile up to 1,000 proteins on a single array using high-density antibody arrays and direct biotin labeling of proteins.

Semiquantitative Detection

Analyze up to 274 cytokines in one experiment using multiplex sandwich ELISA-based methodology.


Simultaneously quantify up to 440 cytokines with similar sensitivity as ELISA.


The identical antibody pairs used for the RayBiotech C- and G-series Cytokine Antibody Arrays and for the Quantibody Cytokine Antibody Arrays are contained in the corresponding ELISA kits recommended for array data validation.

To find the ELISA kit of your interest, please use the ELISA search tool

*Offer valid until 31 December 2015

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