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Pooled lentiviral-based libraries allow you to assay many thousands of effector constructs simultaneously in one experiment. The Pooled Lentiviral Human Genome-wide shRNA (small hairpin RNA) and guide RNA (gRNA) Libraries from our partner Cellecta consist of 3 modules covering nearly all human protein coding genes. Each gene is targeted by 8 shRNAs or sgRNAs for a total of 55,000 shRNA or sgRNA constructs per module. For a single genome-wide screen, the library modules can be combined. The lentivirus-based system ensures efficient delivery of high complexity, pooled libraries into a wide range of cell types. Custom libraries comprising a few thousand to over 50,000 shRNAs or gRNAs specific for your target genes as well as next generation sequencing (NGS) services are also available.

  • 3 modules targeting nearly all human protein coding genes
  • Each gene is targeted by 8 shRNAs or gRNAs
  • Modules can be combined for a single genome-wide screen
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For details please visit www.biocat.com/crispr_libraries

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