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Dear Researcher,

ClearColi™ cells are the first commercially available competent cells with a modified LPS that virtually eliminates endotoxic response.
ClearColi cells lack outer membrane agonists for hTLR4/MD-2 activation, eliminating this response compared with E. coli wild-type cells.

ClearColi BL21(DE3) Electrocompetent Cells

  • Protein expression, plasmid production and phage display
  • Human cell immunogenicity and toxicity assays
  • Therapeutic protein production
  • Membrane and lipid-binding protein production

ClearColi K-12 Electrocompetent Cells

  • Cloning and plasmid production
  • Mammalian transfection without endotoxin cleanup
  • Transient protein expression
  • Plasmid yields similar to DH10B cells
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