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Exosomes are 60-100 nm membrane vesicles secreted by most cell types in vivo and in vitro. Their cargo reflects the origin and physiological state of the source cells. Exosomes are found in blood, urine, amniotic fluid, malignant ascite fluids and contain distinct subsets of microRNAs depending upon the cell type from which they are secreted.

New! Exo-FBS Exosome-depleted FBS

Exo-FBS has been stripped of bovine exosomes so you can perform your studies of cellular secreted exosomes in culture without the worry of contaminating cow exosomes in your experiments.

  • Exosome-sized and CD63-positive vesicles removed
  • No more detectable bovine microRNAs
  • Robust cell growth rates
  • Also available as heat-inactivated FBS media supplement

ExoQuick and ExoQuick-TC Exosome Precipitation Solution

The ExoQuick and ExoQuick-TC Exosome Precipitation Solution enable polymer-based exosome enrichment and make microRNA and protein biomarker discovery in various biofluids simple, reliable and quantitative.

  • Simple one-step exosome precipitation
  • No time-consuming ultracentrifugation
  • Less expensive than costly antibodies and beads
  • More effective than any other method
ExoQuick ExoQuick-TC
Serum and Plasma Urine
Tumor Ascites Fluid Spinal Fluid
  Culture Media

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