FusionRed Fluorescent Protein

  • Superior performance in fusions
  • Low cytotoxicity
  • Fast maturation, high pH-stability and photostability
  • Proven suitability to generate stably transfected cell lines
  • Recommended for protein labeling and long-term experiments incl. transgenic animal generation
FusionRed is a new red fluorescent protein with superior performance in fusions and low toxicity. FusionRed lacks the tendency of other monomeric RFPs to dimerize and behaves as a pure monomer at high concentrations.

Cell Lines Stably Expressing Fluorescent Proteins

  • Easy cell culture and optimal visualization
  • >95 % transfected cells delivered
  • Stable expression guaranteed for many generations

A large variety of mammalian cell lines stably expressing different fluorescent proteins to mark whole cells or subcellular structures as well as fluorescent biosensors are available.


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