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CelVivo ClinoStar 3D Cell Culture System

Generate spheroids and organoids with in vivo functionality

The ClinoStar System is an advanced bioreactor platform providing superior growth conditions for 3D cell culture. The stress-free environment promotes growth, maintenance and functionality of large 3D tissue mimetic structures like spheroids and organoids.

  • Large spheroids with high uniformity in size
  • Very low shear stress
  • Improved gas exchange and nutrient supply
  • Function, architecture and ultrastructure of 3 week old spheroids mimic that seen in vivo

The ClinoStar System, consisting of ClinoStar Incubator and ClinoReactor, employs the clinostat principle (a rotating bioreactor) to keep cells in suspension by counterbalancing the gravitational forces. This approach has the advantage that the spheroids and organoids formed are exposed to very low shear forces and benefit from improved gas exchange and nutrient supply. Low shear forces combined with active diffusion are key parameters for cells to develop into functional 3D constructs mimicking native cytoarchitecture and displaying physiological attributes of the native tissue.

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