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Biomarker Discovery in Blood and Urine

Isolate high-quality, inhibitor-free DNA and RNA of all sizes from plasma/serum and urine samples.

Recent evidence indicates that cell-free circulating DNA and RNA contain valuable information for the discovery of biomarkers that can help with early detection of certain cancer types and for monitoring the disease status.

Cell-free Circulating (cfc) DNA and RNA Purification Kits developed by our partner Norgen provide an efficient method for the purification of cell-free circulating DNA, RNA, exosomal RNA or total nucleic acids from variable volumes of plasma/serum or urine samples.

10% OFF* Norgen Sample Preparation Kits

  • Blood & Urine Collection and Preservation
  • Circulating cell-free DNA Purification
  • Circulating cell-free RNA Purification
  • DNA and total RNA/microRNA Purification
  • Exosome Purification
  • Exosomal RNA Purification

*Expires 30 April 2022.

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