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The compound libraries developed by our partner TargetMol are useful tools to accelerate drug discovery and new indication research. They consist of over 10,000 small molecules with validated biological and pharmacological activity focusing on hundreds of targets that are key components in the fields of GPCR, kinases, cancer, epigenetics and stem cell biology, and are suitable for high-throughput screening (HTS) and high-content screening (HCS).
Customized compound libraries based on your specific needs are also provided. You can select compounds, format (powder/liquid), size and plate map depending on your requirements.

15% OFF* TargetMol Compound Libraries

  • Validated biological and pharmacological activity
  • Many compounds FDA-approved
  • Structurally diverse and cell-permeable
  • NMR- and HPLC-verified to ensure high purity
  • Detailed specifications

15% OFF* Approved Drug Libraries

15% OFF* Anti-COVID-19 Compound Libraries

Anti-COVID-19 Compound Library, 2448 compounds L1710-1-TM
Anti-COVID-19 Compound Library (CADD), 362 compounds L1711-1-TM
Anti-COVID-19 Traditional Chinese Medicine Compound Library, 486 compounds L6720-1-TM
3CLpro-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 161 compounds L1712-1-TM
ACE2-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 462 compounds L1713-1-TM
nsp15-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 470 compounds L1719-1-TM
nsp16-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 281 compounds L1715-1-TM
Plpro-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 474 compounds L1716-1-TM
RBD-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 206 compounds L1714-1-TM
RdRP-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 464 compounds L1717-1-TM
X-Domain-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 463 compounds L1718-1-TM

*Expires 31 December 2021

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