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In order to make primary cell lines continue to grow and divide indefinitely in vitro, an immortalization process is applied to primary cells to significantly prolong their lifespan.
BioCat offers a large number of ready-to-use recombinant lenti-, retro- or adenoviral particles for the expression of e.g. SV40 T antigen or hTERT to facilitate your cell immortalization project. More than 400 premade immortalized cell lines from many organisms are provided.

Cell Immortalization Tools

  • SV40 T Antigen Expression
  • hTERT Expression
  • HPV16 E6/E7 Expression
  • Adenovirus E1A/E1B Expression
  • Tumor Suppressor Gene Inactivation

Premade Immortalized Cell Lines

  • Characteristics of primary cells retained
  • Continuous source of cells
  • Greatest experimental reproducibility
  • Easier to maintain and culture than primary cells

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