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Closely mimicking the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment, the VitroGel Xeno-free Functional Hydrogel System provides an outstanding balance of biological functions and ease of operation to establish a robust 3D cell culture platform or an injectable delivery system for drug discovery, tissue engineering, cell therapy and personalized medicine.
The ready-to-use hydrogels are optimized to support a wide range of cell types for different applications, including various 3D cell models, stem cell spheroids and organoids. Each VitroGel solution can be mixed with the cell suspension directly. There is no additional adjustment required.

15% OFF* VitroGel Xeno-free Functional Hydrogel System

  • Mimics the natural extracellular matrix
  • Ready-to-use: Just add cells
  • No additional adjustment required
  • Room temperature stable, neutral pH, transparent
  • Easy cell harvesting

*Expires 30 September 2021

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