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Microbiome Sequencing with Shoreline Biome

The easiest all-in-one microbiome solution

Shoreline Biome’s proprietary microbiome sequencing technology combines a series of innovations. The patented lysis/DNA purification step ensures that no microbe is left behind. Smart primer design and unique dual-end barcoding reduce amplification bias and maximize usable reads. Hands-on time and time-to-result are significantly reduced while coverage and representation of bacteria in microbiome samples are improved.

  • Simple and complete workflow
  • Superior lysis for HMW DNA
  • Smart PCR primer design reduces bias
  • Single-step PCR adds dual-unique barcodes for PacBio or produces amplicons ready for Oxford Nanopore ligation adaptors
  • Optimized for high- and low-microbial load samples
  • Complimentary SBanalyzer software with Athena Microbial Reference Database demultiplexes and maps reads down to strain level
  • Improved resolution and classification over traditional 16S

Ensure no microbe is left behind and cover the 16S-ITS-23S region:

StrainID / NanoID

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