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A broad collection of bright fluorescent proteins developed by Evrogen for a wide range of applications in the field of live-cell assays is offered.

  • Generation of stably transfected cell lines
  • Protein localization and interaction studies in vivo
  • Analysis of promoter activity in live cells
  • Tracking of subcellular organelles
  • Identification and isolation of specific populations of cells
  • Whole body imaging

Evrogen Fluorescent Protein Vectors

Ranging in color from blue to far-red, the fluorescent proteins allow for the visualization of multiple events simultaneously by both fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry. All fluorescent proteins are improved by mutagenesis and codon usage optimization for high expression levels in mammalian cells and fast maturation at 37°C.

Special Offer

When ordering 2 or more vectors encoding the same fluorescent protein, you receive a 50% discount on the second and subsequent vectors.

Please use promotion code EV13 when placing your order.

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