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Logos Biosystems Automated Cell Counters

The automated cell counters from our partner Logos Biosystems are equipped with high-quality optics and sophisticated image analysis software to bring you cell concentration and viability data with incredible speed, accuracy and reliability.

Karine Labour, MSc
Logos Biosystems

How to choose a cell counter?

Thursday, 15th October 2020

11:00 AM Central European Time | REGISTER

Making the right choice of a cell counter can be challenging... or not! Which cells are you working with? Do you know the different counting methods? Are you working in an academic lab or in bioprocessing? Which budget to plan?
Multiple factors should be considered before buying a cell counter and we will try to give you some tips to make the best choice depending on your needs.

Standardization of cell counting for bioprocessing with the LUNA-FX7

Wednesday, 21th October 2020

11:00 AM Central European Time | REGISTER

Among challenges in bioprocessing, cell counting is one of the most critical. Standardization of the cell counting method to assess cell concentration and viability requires careful selection. Choice of the method, accuracy and precision of the devices, throughput and compliance are some of the factors which can impact the success of cell production.

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