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The compound libraries developed by our partner TargetMol are useful tools to accelerate drug discovery and new indication research.

  • Validated biological and pharmacological activity
  • Many compounds FDA-approved
  • Structurally diverse and cell-permeable
  • NMR- and HPLC-verified to ensure high purity
  • Short delivery time
  • Detailed specifications

25% OFF Approved Drug Libraries

25% OFF Anti-COVID-19 Compound Libraries

Anti-COVID-19 Compound Library, 2448 compounds L1710-1-TM
Anti-COVID-19 Compound Library (CADD), 362 compounds L1711-1-TM
Anti-COVID-19 Traditional Chinese Medicine Compound Library, 389 compounds L6720-1-TM
3CLpro-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 161 compounds L1712-1-TM
ACE2-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 462 compounds L1713-1-TM
nsp15-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 470 compounds L1719-1-TM
nsp16-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 281 compounds L1715-1-TM
Plpro-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 474 compounds L1716-1-TM
RBD-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 206 compounds L1714-1-TM
RdRP-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 464 compounds L1717-1-TM
X-Domain-Targeted Compound Library (CADD), 463 compounds L1718-1-TM

*Expires 31 August 2020

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