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Ensure reliable and efficient gene delivery with TransDux MAX

Whether you’re working with difficult-to-transduce cells like primary T-cells or just want to ensure high transduction efficiency, the TransDux Max Lentivirus Transduction Enhancer is ready to deliver. It can increase transduction efficiencies by up to 8-fold compared to polybrene and 4-fold compared to the standard TransDux Virus Transduction Reagent.

15% OFF* TransDux MAX Lentivirus Transduction Enhancer

  • Efficient - up to 8-fold greater transduction efficiency than polybrene
  • Easy-to-use - kit format requires minimal hands-on time (<5 minutes)
  • Non-toxic - no need to change media after infection
  • Versatile - works with all types of packaged lentivirus
  • Flexible - enhances transduction efficiency in a wide variety of cell lines
  • Broadly compatible - does not interfere with downstream gene expression or functional assays

Lentiviral Reagents Overview

*Expires April 30, 2020

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