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NGS Hybridization Capture for any Organism and any Project Size
Target enrichment via hybridization-based capture is one of the most powerful next generation sequencing (NGS) tools available today. The new myBaits Target Capture Kits from our partner Arbor Biosciences provide pools of in-solution biotinylated RNA probes plus reagents for highly-efficient, scalable targeted sequencing on any NGS platform, including Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio and Nanopore.
The versatile myBaits kits have been successfully used to investigate a wide variety of genome types (animals, plants and microbes) as well as different DNA sources (fresh, degraded and environmental). Besides predesigned kit options for several research applications, myBaits Custom Target Capture Kits tailored for specific target regions of your interest are the most popular choice.

Premade myBaits Target Capture Kits

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