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50% OFF DriverMap Human Genome-Wide Expression Profiling Kit

The DriverMap Expression Profiling Assay, a targeted RNA profiling method developed by our partner Cellecta, measures RNA expression levels of all human protein-coding genes in complex biological samples. A single-tube multiplex RT-PCR amplification of 19,000 mRNAs followed by next generation sequencing provides more complete expression profiles of protein-coding genes than standard RNA-Seq with less sequencing reads and simpler analysis.

  • Minimum sample requirement - as little as 10 pg total RNA
  • Functionally validated PCR primers
  • Exquisite sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility
  • Broad dynamic range - 100,000-fold, similar to RT-PCR
  • High-throughput - up to 96 RNA samples in a single day

In addition the following tools from our partner GeneCopoeia are offered for targeted gene expression profiling:

20% OFF ExProfile Gene qPCR Arrays
For high-throughput expression profiling of cancer-, disease- or pathway-related genes.

20% OFF BlazeTaq One-Step SYBR Green RT-qPCR Kits & qPCR Mix
For highly sensitive and accurate quantification of gene expression.

All-in-One qPCR Validated Primers
For reliable and reproducible high-performance qPCR assays.

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