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Our new partner SomaGenics develops novel RNA-centered approaches to address important aspects of microRNA detection including bias, sequencing costs, direct isolation and quantification of circulating microRNAs from plasma samples and detection of low-abundant microRNAs.
SomaGenics' sensitive and virtually bias-free NGS platform combined with their sensitive and high-specificity PCR technology allows accurate discovery and detection of microRNAs and other small RNAs. Both technologies are circularization-based and optimized for either biofluids or total RNA inputs.

RealSeq Small RNA NGS Library Kits
Preparation of representative small RNA libraries for NGS

Bias-free small RNA library preparation using a novel single adapter and circularization.

miR-ID qRT-PCR Assays
Quantification of microRNAs from total RNA

Sensitive and highly specific quantification of microRNAs allowing SNP discrimination at any position.

miR-Direct Custom qRT-PCR Assay
Quantification of microRNAs from biofluids

Accurate quantification of the extracellular microRNA of your interest directly from plasma/serum or whole blood.

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