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Gene Fragments are double-stranded, linear DNA molecules which can be used independently or be easily assembled and cloned into the vector of your choice using a variety of cloning methods, including Gibson Assembly.
They are manufactured applying the same high-fidelity synthesis chemistry used for all our gene synthesis services and are characterized by a faster delivery time, more economical pricing and greater flexibility.

Gene Fragments can be used for a variety of applications

  • Molecular cloning including Gibson Assembly
  • gRNA expression cassettes for CRISPR/Cas9-based gene editing
  • Donor constructs for gene editing
  • Templates for in vitro transcription
  • Cassettes for recombinant antibody production
Length (bp) Price* Amount / Accuracy
101-500 79 € 500 ng of lyophilized dsDNA

>85% of recombinant colonies obtained from cloning a gene fragment will contain the desired insert.
501-1000 129 €
1001-1200 189 €
1201-1600 229 €
1601-2000 269 €

*The final price of a synthesis may vary depending on the complexity of the synthesis. For detailed pricing just send us a quote request.

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